Food Truck À la bonne vôtre

À la Bonne Vôtre now has a food truck!

Though we love offering food in our restaurant, we also love serving it during your special events! Instead of heading out to eat with the whole gang in our reception hall, let us bring our menu... right to you! À la Bonne Vôtre comes to you with its food truck!

Our food truck is...

Sample menu:

  • Home-style meals with a friendly atmosphere
  • Local products
  • Corporate lunches
  • For private events
  • The ability to serve more than 500 people quickly*
  • A personalized corporate menu
  • A truck certified by the Terroir et Saveurs du Québec

*$150 travel fee for groups of less than 30 people

...And much more!
We offer personalized menus based on your preferences and can even feed your entire festival! On-site sales with individual receipts...we do it all!


Do you pay special attention to food allergies?
Most certainly!

We have a tendency to be very hungry... can we take seconds?
Of course! It's all-you-can-eat!

What is your schedule?
Our schedule is your schedule!

Do you serve dessert?
Yes, upon request and to the great delight of your taste buds!

What territory do you cover?
Drummondville, and the regions beyond!

(Travel fees may apply)

What is the total area needed for the truck?
A parking space that will fit the size of the truck (10 x 25) or on the street.

How far in advance should we reserve?
The earlier the better to ensure the desired date is available; however last-minute engagements are accepted if the truck is free. Of course, the menu must be chosen prior to the event as well!

Does the food truck come with 'ambiance'?
Would you like music? That can be arranged!

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